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Kimberley Law, Registered Psychologist

Address : #303b, 10171 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton, AB
T6E 4R5

Office phone : 780-906-5200

E-mail :

Give me a call, or send me an e-mail, or contact me using the form below.

Note: I have switched over to a new mail service which specializes in keeping confidential client communications secure and private. You can continue to reach me via If any of my emails to you contain confidential contents, I will send them using additional security. To read them, you will need to click on the blue box that says “Read your secure email”. The very first time you do this, you’ll be prompted to create a ‘pass phrase’ before accessing the email. You should make it something you’ll remember, because you’ll need to use the SAME ‘pass phrase’ to read any future secure emails I may send you.

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